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really easy to work with, even bought some extra belts for the day

Toni StreichWashington, USA

Suzanna i can't thank you enough for made my beautiful wedding dress, everybody loved it, the fabric was stunning and the lower back was to die for . Thank you so much suzanna for make my dream came true .

Marion BallisBali, Indonesia

Wonderful customer service, fast shipping and beautiful quality. This dress is one of my most favourite possessions

Brittany BrownSkaskatoon, Canada

Suzanna made what can be the most stressful part of the wedding easy and simple. You cannot get a dress like this anywhere else!

Spencer StalloniSolihull, UK

Suzanna was incredible from the very beginning. As if ordering your wedding dress online from a different country is not nerve-wracking enough, I ordered the dress before I knew I was pregnant. She worked with me to make sure it would fit by the wedding. I was 5 months pregnant when we finally got married, and the dress fit like a dream.

Kori RobinoPhiladelphia, USA

Suzanna was wonderful to work with. Very attentive and accommodating. Was very easy to communicate with her, given the distance and time differences.

Jenni DeebleLos Angeles, USA

The brides family is Greek and when scrolling through Etsy she fell in love with Suzanna design and the dress!

Alexis SilerFlorida, USA

Working with Suzanna was amazing. She was very fast to respond to all my questions and was happy to make all the custom adjustments I asked for. Shipping cost was extremely fair and time was good. I should have ordered a little sooner than I did or measured myself more accurately because the dress could have done in just a touch, but I left as it was because it was perfect anyways. My dress was customized to what I pictured and it turned out beautiful. I wouldn't change a thing about my dress. It was comfortable and breathable, and I wore it two days in a row! I highly recommend getting your dress from Suzanna!

Tylene Stroup-WelchIdaho, USA

Working with Suzanna was like a dream. She made changes to the dress after what I wanted and it ended up as my dream dress. She also made the dresses for my daughter and step daughter, they were just perfect 🙂 And she also made me two more dresses, one that I also wore the day before the wedding.

Jeanette Torvmark TinholtPidemont, Italy

I was very happy when I found Suzanna's online shop as her designs are by no means comparable to what you can find in an offline shop. She was very responsive and cooperative towards meeting my needs and produced the dress in a very timely manner.

CorinaMain, Germany

Suzanna was wonderful to work with! I never imagined I would have a custom-made wedding dress from across the world, but her shop and the wonders of Etsy made it possible! The quality of the dress was impeccable and she responded to all of my questions with great care. I am so happy with the whole experience and smile everytime I see my dress in the closet!

Nicole Joy CrowleyCalifornia, USA

From start to finish, my experience of ordering with Suzanna has been a dream! I had left it fairly late to order as I'd been losing weight, but Suzanna assured me I'd get the dress in plenty of time (and I did!). All my questions were answered promptly and when I asked for a fairly big change in the design (adding a back) it wasn't an inconvenience. It can be intimidating buying a dress online but I guarantee you Suzanna will make your dress to fit like a glove! The fabric is wonderful, extremely high standard finish and packaged beautifully. Being a little on the larger size, I was initially worried about not having a corset/boning to hold everything in, but as soon as I put on my gown I felt super secure and comfortable. I can't recommend Suzanna highly enough! Thankyou!

Rosie WilsonHigh Wards, UK

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