Our Philoshopy

is that every bride is unique and must feel special on her wedding day!

In order to accomplish that, we design and sew all our dresses from scratch for each bride, with a huge care to the detail and exclusively based on each bride’s measurements to achieve a perfect fit!

Susanna Martirosyan

Meet Suzanna

Born in the beautiful village of Oshakan in Armenia, Suzanna learned the art of sewing at an early age, from her mother.

In her spare time after school, she used to fill her notebooks with colorful clothing designs and patterns. In an era that the internet wasn’t invented yet to get inspired, she was looking at the clothing adults wore and imagined what alterations would be made to make them better.

At 18 years old she entered the University of Armenia to study Child Psychology, but her friends & relatives continued asking her to make their clothes. It was not much later, that other people started doing the same and eventually, it became a side-job of hers.

In 1993, the socio-economical situation in Armenia became very difficult and she decided to move to Greece along with her family and two kids for a better life.

Coming to Greece, having to raise two kids and without speaking the language, there was no way she could use her Child Psychology degree and experience to find a job.

Therefore, she used her talent and skills of what she knew doing best: Designing and sewing!

Moving to Greece gave her access to many fashion magazines from all around the world, which helped her open her mindset even more and create even more unique designs!

A few years later, when she felt more confident with speaking Greek, she decided to enrich her skills with a college degree. She graduated from two Greek colleges successively, one for Fashion Design & another one for Pattern Making.

Upon graduating she worked with several Greek clothing brands, creating their collection designs & patterns.

After experimenting for many years with different styles and clothing types, in around 2012 she took the decision to focus solely on Boho Style Wedding Dresses, due to their easy-to-wear, airy and romantic style.

Up until 2021, she cooperated with multiple bridal salons across Europe & USA, to include and offer her designs in their stores.

Despite all her success, her biggest dream was always to have her own brand.

2021 was the year she would set the foundation for Bridal Moments. A handmade wedding dresses brand, that would offer made-to-order wedding gowns, exactly to each bride’s measurements!

Core Values

We are a family business committed to our core values!


All our clothing is made one by one for each bride exclusively, at our atelier in Thessaloniki, Greece. We don’t support mass manufacturing and we are against outsourcing to cheap labor countries with low wage fees.


Since all our products are handmade, we make sure to source all our materials from sustainable manufacturers. We also make sure we make the most out of all our fabrics & materials, so we don’t create unnecessary waste.


We are committed to providing only the best to our brides! We use high-quality materials and fabrics from Europe for all our products and we do multiple quality checks to make sure everything is perfect, before shipping them out to you.